Hiking is a fantastic workout for burning calories and building muscles and often times you can even forget completely that you are technically exercising. Here at Aventura Fitness we provide Hiking days. These take place at the following locations:

  • Bernia 4 Hour Hike
  • Vall D’Ebo 6 Hour Hike
  • Montgo 3 Hour Hike

Hiking builds multiple components of fitness simultaneously, predominantly cardiovascular health and strength – especially of the lower body.

What Muscles are Used Hiking?

Trekking up hills or mountainsides is hard work, and it engages multiple muscle groups in tandem, all while burning a serious number of calories and increasing your aerobic threshold. Here are the muscles used most strenuously:






Lower Back


Ankle and Knee Complex

Inside and Outside Thigh

To burn even more calories and to engage the upper body further, consider walking with hiking poles.

Calories Burned Hiking

How many calories does it burn? The exact number depends on a extensive set of bodily variables, including but definitely not limited to your weight, muscle content, and current fitness level. Environmental factors will also affect how many calories are burned, such as the incline of your hike, whether or not you are packing weight (and how much your pack weighs), the speed you maintain during your trek, weather conditions, and more.

Exercises & Training

Cardiovascular endurance is a huge necessity for this outdoor sport, especially if the distance you are covering involves a steep or steady incline. Putting yourself through hiking preparation workouts on the stair climber, or walking on incline on the treadmill at the gym are both good ways to prep your body for the challenge.

You can also use a workout in a safe, controlled environment on the treadmill to get an idea of how long of a distance you can comfortably cover before you start to feel too exhausted; useful information that can help you pick the distance and elevation of your trip before you’re actually on the trail.

Other Benefits of this hobby

Aside from burning a great deal of calories and providing allover toning, hiking never gets boring. The last place you want to spend the day when it’s nice outside is inside the gym on a treadmill (Especially here in the Costa Blanca)